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NEW: Hollow Chameleon Ears

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Welcome to Ramraves

Come vibe with us

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About Us

Welcome to Ramraves! I’m Ramses, the creative genius behind the newest additions to your rave closet.  

As a guy that loves going to music festivals, it’s always been hard finding pieces to wear that reflect my colorful vibes. So I began designing and creating my own unique rave gear.

Over the years, I've been polishing my skills as a cosplay artist by creating costumes and props with materials that are not commonly used in everyday apparel. By combining my costuming skills with my love for festivals, I’ve been able to design some unique creations that fit perfectly in the festival and convention world.

> Most looks on RAMRAVES are customizeable, meaning you can add/ subtract / change elements of each look to make sure it fits your personal style. for any further customizationt, contact ramravesmail@gmail.com <